Nicolai Schreiber

Adventures, sealife and photography make a significant part of my life today. Like it usually happens,
a beginning of any path, the starting point, originates from childhood days.

I was born in 1957 in South Kazakhstan. At the age of 11 I got a present from my father – a small photocamera. This launched my passion for photography. However, as a schoolchild, I captured everything randomly, thinking that an almost sharp picture with a cut off face is the peak of creation. Later, studies in the Moscow Geological Exploration Institute and the new circle of communication, strenghtened my hobby. In 1975, still being a freshman, I organized a diving group in this Institute. While adventuring to numerous ponds of Moscow region, I, being a part of the team, indulged in a new passion – underwater photography.

I remember my first underwater housing – for the russian made “Zenit-E” – was huge and heavy. Absence of flashes and other equipment was offset by enthusiasm. With the appearance of digital camera I got carried away and interested in its possibilities. So now, I continue with my hobby and love as before underwater photography, since there is always light in my hands and there will always be an object for photo shot in underwater depths.


Last exhibitions:

2013, World with russian eyes, Moscow
2013, The window to Arctic.