Taisiya Melnyk

Taisiya Melnyk, artist, performer.

Sabir and Svetlana

We are doing all artworks together. Gadzhiev Sabir Takhir-Ogly was born in 1967 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Dmitri Annenkov

Dmitry Annenkov, born in 1965 in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from the Academy of fine Arts (Stroganov). Member of the Russian…
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Nicolai Schreiber

Adventures, sealife and photography make a significant part of my life today. Like it usually happens, a beginning of any…
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Oleg Trofimov

Trofimov, Oleg was born in 1962 in the USSR From 1979 to 1984. studied in Abramtsevo School of Industrial Art…
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Igor Lazarev

Igor Lazarev is born in 1962 in the neighbourhood of Moscow. In 1987 he graduated from Stroganow Academy of fine…
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Elena Wiikholm

Born in the city of Perm, on the foot of the Ural Mountains, attended the Architectural Institute in the city…
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